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Pop Up Menu, Drop Down List

Question asked by JLG on Oct 26, 2009
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Pop Up Menu, Drop Down List & Drop Down Calendar quit working?

Description of the issue

Not sure what is going on, but once in a while all the Pop up menus, Drop down lists and Drop down calendars cease to function.  You can type in the field and it acts just like a regular edit box (only way to regain function is to restart Dbase). You don't see the quick flash that occurs when a script trigger interferes either. Not to mention ones that have no script triggers also fail and when the background script is not running.  Driving me crazy as I cannot make it occur.  Happens seemingly random with my Dbase users (and not on an often occurrence).  The Dbase runs 24/7 and may only get this error once a week (or less).  Everything functions as expected until this occurs and then a Dbase restart brings everything back to normal. The Dbase is for tracking the status of all our equipment operating in the facility in which I work.  There are about 20 tables for different items surrounding our day to day operations (shift turnover reports, morning reports, tracking equipment lockouts and various tags installed within the facility).  But the main table in constant use is Equipment status.  The layout for this particular table is a tabbed layout that displays all the equipment on a big screen display.  Scripts automatically rotate between tabs to provide visual of the different systems.  Only a single record is created on this table and facility operators (the users) modify this record via pop up menus, pull down lists and pull down calendars, but never create a new record (status bar and file menus are locked out for them).  The data from this single record is stored each shift (twice a day) via a shift turnover table.  When the error occurs, none of the menu types described function on any table, in any layout throughout the Dbase.  Some items have script triggers, some do not and one scripts runs continuously when Equip Status is displayed (for rotating the tabs).  Also forgot to add that some fields with menus are using conditional formatting to change the background field color (for adding a color cue to the status of a particular piece of equipment). Here is my question, are there any known circumstances that cause these menus to work fine for days, then without apparent cause, cease to function?  It does not appear to be script related as all scripts are activated daily and work fine.  Nothing occurs on a weekly (it is random, weekly is just a time frame for how often it may happen) basis that could be causing the error.  Very frustrating due the fact I cannot make the error occur. Thanks for any information.-=Jasen=-  Edit - Using Filemaker Pro & Advanced (10v2) on XP Pro SP3 systems.