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Pop up window not relative to main database window

Question asked by HenryBoyer on Apr 26, 2015
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Pop up window not relative to main database window


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Description of the issue

I can't come up with a solution or script steps to position pop up windows relative to the main database window' current position on my desktop.  Wherever the main database window is on my desktop, my pop up windows can be "smart and follow the position relative to that location.   Example: if my filemaker program is running on left side of my desktop, and if I have my pop up window to open in the middle of my main layout, then when I move my program to right side of  my desktop, the pop window, should still open in the  middle of my layout on the right side.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I tired to calculate my pop up window location relative to the main layout window's dimensions.  I have no success in doing this, I am a  beginner, I don't know if I am using the right method to do that action.