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Pop-up field displays incorrect value

Question asked by comment_1 on Aug 31, 2009
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Pop-up field displays incorrect value

Description of the issue

A field formatted as pop-up menu displays incorrect or no value from the second field after selection has been made.To reproduce the problem, create a file with the following fields (or download the demo file from here):
• SerialID - Number, Auto-enter serial number
• Name - Text
• Mark - Number
• cMarkedSerial - Calculation (result is Number) = Case ( Mark ; SerialID )
• cMarkedName - Calculation (result is Text) = Case ( Mark ; Name )
• gSelect - Number, Global

Define two value lists:
• "Marked" - use values from cMarkedSerial, also display values from Name
• "Marked 2" - use values from cMarkedSerial, also display values from cMarkedName

Place two instances of the gSelect field on the layout and format them as pop-up menu, using the above value lists.

Populate the table as follows:
SerialID    Name      Mark
1           Alpha     
2           Bravo      1
3           Charlie            
4           Delta      1
5           Echo     

At this point, both value lists show correctly the two marked values:
2    Bravo
4    Delta

But after you select 2 Bravo, the fields display "2 Charlie" and "2" respectively.

And after you select 4 Delta, the fields display "4 Echo" and "4" respectively.

This is true for versions 10 and 9 under both OS X and Windows. I have also tested version 8.5 under OS X - this also returns incorrect results, albeit different ones (2 Alpha and 4 Charlie).