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    Pop-up field displays incorrect value



      Pop-up field displays incorrect value

      Description of the issue

      A field formatted as pop-up menu displays incorrect or no value from the second field after selection has been made.To reproduce the problem, create a file with the following fields (or download the demo file from here):
      • SerialID - Number, Auto-enter serial number
      • Name - Text
      • Mark - Number
      • cMarkedSerial - Calculation (result is Number) = Case ( Mark ; SerialID )
      • cMarkedName - Calculation (result is Text) = Case ( Mark ; Name )
      • gSelect - Number, Global

      Define two value lists:
      • "Marked" - use values from cMarkedSerial, also display values from Name
      • "Marked 2" - use values from cMarkedSerial, also display values from cMarkedName

      Place two instances of the gSelect field on the layout and format them as pop-up menu, using the above value lists.

      Populate the table as follows:
      SerialID    Name      Mark
      1           Alpha     
      2           Bravo      1
      3           Charlie            
      4           Delta      1
      5           Echo     

      At this point, both value lists show correctly the two marked values:
      2    Bravo
      4    Delta

      But after you select 2 Bravo, the fields display "2 Charlie" and "2" respectively.

      And after you select 4 Delta, the fields display "4 Echo" and "4" respectively.

      This is true for versions 10 and 9 under both OS X and Windows. I have also tested version 8.5 under OS X - this also returns incorrect results, albeit different ones (2 Alpha and 4 Charlie).

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          I tried replicating the bug and couldn't at first replicate it. After downloading the example file and comparing differences, I can confirm it. I can also report a simple work around that may eliminate the issue in some cases. 


          If you specify sorting on the second column, the pop-up will then display the correct values. This may not be acceptable in some circumstances as you may need the specified order to be based on the first column.

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            Thank you taking the time to document this.  I can definitely duplicate the problem.


            Your entire post, file, and my findings have been forwarded to Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments for review and confirmation.  I will keep you informed.



            FileMaker, Inc. 

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              This is still broken in vs. 11 (Windows).  I don't recall it being listed in the Known Bugs thread either.


              UPDATE:  By the way, Phil's suggestion of sorting by the second field doesn't work properly on Windows (vs. 11; I haven't tested it in prior versions)  if I understood the suggestion.  The only change I made was to Marked value list, selecting 'sort values by second field.'  The pop-up changed from displaying:

              2 Bravo

              4 Delta


              ... to:


              2 Bravo


              4 Delta



              And if Echo is selected, nothing is inserted into the field (which is logical because it doesn't have a value from the first field). I don't see this as workaround - Users would go nuts.

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                Good catch. Filemaker 10 performs identically here. Apparently, I looked at the values in the field and saw that sorting on the second column fixed the display for the "marked" values but didn't notice the results you are reporting. Muy Bad...


                This bug is found on the first page of the known bug list v2.