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Pop-up Menu works incorrectly with values from Value Lists

Question asked by BradWebb on May 19, 2014
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Pop-up Menu works incorrectly with values from Value Lists


FileMaker Pro


13 0v3

Operating system version

OSX 10.9.2

Description of the issue

When using the Pop-up menu to display values from a Value Lists, where the checkbox is enabled: "Also display values from second field," some of the values from the "second" field show up in the Pop-up box, just to the right of the value from the "first" field.

This doesn't happen with every value but it is extremely annoying because only the first field value should be present in the Pop-up menu, and not the second field value.

The Drop-down list, however, does not behave in the same way as the Pop-up menu, but, instead, behaves correctly. I do not wish to use the Drop-down list, though, because it allows the user to type a value in the box and I only want a user to be able to select a value.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1.) Create a table that has an acronym field and a description field.
2.) Create a layout. Then add a Pop-up menu widget to the layout.
3.) While configuring the Pop-up menu, create a Value Lists that uses the acronym as the first value and the description as the second value.
4.) Run the layout and choose some different selections. See my screenshots attached, because it doesn't do it for every acronym, only some of them. It does not make any sense.

Expected result

The Pop-up menu should only display the acronym value selected. Not the acronym and part of the description.

Actual result

The Pop-up menu displays the selected acronym along with part of the description. Note! that the displayed value, and the value stored in the actual table field are different.


I need a work around! I do not have one and this is holding up progress!