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Pop-up menus cannot be opened via script in FM for Mac

Question asked by Extensitech on May 31, 2015
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Pop-up menus cannot be opened via script in FM for Mac


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Description of the issue

On windows, going to a field or object that is formatted as a pop-up menu causes the menu to open. On Mac it does not.

In many cases, this eliminates the pop-up as an option on anything cross-platform.

As just the latest example: I have a button-bar of navigation groups, each of which should show a list of targets to which the user can navigate. The list of available targets is dynamic, based on customizations, user privileges, and so on. On Windows, I could have the button open a popover with a popup menu (created dynamically) and the resulting navigation is elegant and snappy.

Because of this issue, I'm creating a file to display in a web viewer to replicate the same behavior. (I realize that I could use a virtual list, and create a new TO in every TOG, and so forth, but the goal of the exercise is to reduce redundancy and layout-by-layout editing for new navigation targets.)


I asked a colleague who develops exclusively for Mac how he deals with this. He answered "I just don't use pop-up menus".

That appears to be the workaround here.