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    Popover-close blocked by foreground object



      Popover-close blocked by foreground object


      FileMaker Pro


      FMPA 13.0v1

      Operating system version

      OS X 10.7.5

      Description of the issue

      The popover button will normally close the popover if you click on the button while the popover is already open. That's a nice feature; it feels good from a UI standpoint.

      However, if you've placed an object (such as a graphic) over the popover button, the press-to-close functionality is blocked, and the popover will instead disappear and re-grow itself from the popover button.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      1) Create a sample popover button.
      2) Cover half of the popover button with a non-interactive object (a rectangle object will do).
      3) Try clicking and re-clicking the popover button on both halves, with and without the obscuring object.

      Expected result

      The behavior of the popover button should not change; clicking an obscured popover button should still fade the popover away like it would if it were not obscured.


      For consistent (but less enjoyable) behavior, one could completely cover the popover button with the graphic object to avoid the click-to-close behavior for any area of the button. This is less desirable, though, because it looks goofy for FileMaker to quickly close and re-open the thing that was just open.