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Popup menu / drop-down lists do not close when item selected.

Question asked by joel.s on Feb 19, 2013
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Popup menu / drop-down lists do not close when item selected.


FileMaker Go



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Description of the issue

Unlike the behaviour in Go 11, popup menus or drop-down lists do not close when a selection is made.

I feel the 'rotating barrel' UI element in 12 is doing a unsatisfactory job all around:
     Static small size means it will be the wrong size more often than not.
     Remaining open after selection (the bug) obscures other UI elements after selection.
     Scroll bar almost invisible as the contrast is so low.
     More interaction required (scrolling/closing).

The v11 implementation was perfect:
     Dynamic sizing often resulted in no scrolling being required to see all menu items.
     High contrast ideal for outdoor use.
     Closed automatically when a selection had been made.
     High contrast scroll bar clearly showed the position in the list.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Touch any popup menu or drop down list - the menu is displayed.
Touch any menu item to insert the value.

Expected result

The menu should close when a selection has been made, as it is everywhere in iOS.

Actual result

The menu remains open and cannot be dismissed unless another field is activated or the record is committed.

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