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Popup menus using second field based on numeric keys behaves differently in FMP13 vs. FMP12

Question asked by shockey on Jan 22, 2014
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Popup menus using second field based on numeric keys behaves differently in FMP13 vs. FMP12


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Description of the issue

Popup Menus (PM) usually display the second value in a value list, even if the actual value underlying them is different. A developer can specify a key field as the primary value to reside in the field to which the PM is attached, but display the secondary, user-friendly value. This works in both FMP12 and 13, except it breaks in 13 if the key field being used is a Number type. It works as expected if the key field is Text.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Create a table with a numeric key field and a text field. Populate several records with numeric keys and text values. Create a value list with the numeric key as the first field, then "also display" values as the text field. Include all values, and "Show values only from second field" checked. Create another table and with a numeric key field. Display that field on a layout, change its type to Popup Menu and assign the value list to it.

Expected result

Text values should display in the field once a value is selected from the value list.

Actual result

The numeric keys display instead.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

In my case, the field resides in a portal, but this is irrelevant. Opening the same exact layout with the same records displays a different (correct) result in FMP12.


Change Number key fields to Text type. This is not a desirable thing to have to do in existing solutions migrating from 12 to 13. We use numeric keys to increase performance in indexing.