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    Portal displaying wrong field on some records



      Portal displaying wrong field on some records


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OS X 10.9.2

      Description of the issue

      Portal displaying the name field changes to displaying the record identifier for some records.  Portal display works fine in version 12, but not in version 13

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Opened database solution in V12, portal display is fine
      Opened same database solution in V13, portal display is wrong.  I have attached a screenshot of the display from V13.  In V12, the last portal record is Tebina Russet .... not 4782 .....


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               Thank you for your post.

               It's difficult to determine why this is failing based on a screen shot.  Therefore, to narrow this down further, create a new layout with only that portal and see if the data is correct.  If correct, then duplicate the original layout, remove the bad portal, and recreate a new portal.  Does this work?

               Was this file created with FileMaker Pro 12 or earlier?

               Is this the only layout with incorrect data?

               Any other information you can provide may be helpful in narrowing down the possible cause.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 Is that Product field formatted as a pop up menu?

                 If so, if the record for ID = 4782 no longer exists in the table from which your pop up menu's value list get's its values, it will revert to showing the actual data in the field--the product ID.

                 This is not unique to any one version of FileMaker though so you should get that result for the same data in FileMaker 12 and 13 though it might be easy to be fooled into thinking otherwise due to the apparent "hit or miss" results that this can produce.

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                   To followup, this database was initially developed in V9.

                   The field is a pop up menu.

                   The record, 4782 is the correct record id of the product.  I duplicated it and both 4782 and the new record show up as record ID vs product name.

                   I do not have another layout with this type of setup, so it is only on this layout that the problem has been identified.  Contract 4523 has 5 products on it.  Only the last 1 shows up as a number.  Contract 4443 has 2 products, it works fine.  Contract 4702, the one I initially noticed the problem had 2 products and the issue was with the second product.  When I add a 3rd product, the problem occurs with both product 2 and 3.

                   All the data is in an external DB (on a V12 server).  I tried it with a copy of the DB and client on the same machine running V13 and the problem was the same.

              If I change it from a popup to edit box, the correct information is displayed.

                   As I said, this solution started in V9.  I have no idea why I used a pop up menu vs just the element in question (it was my first Filemaker database - redevelopment of a SQL Server with Access front end solution).  I'll update it to use the element (Product::Product) to get around this.






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                     But the popup menu should show the correct, matching name from the field/table specified as the 2nd field value source and may be a symptom of a problem with your file that may affect other parts of it.

                     I suggest rebuilding the field indexes involved or even all field indexes in this file.

                     If your users don't need to access the file overnight, take a copy down off the server and run a recover on it and close the copy on the server so that other users cannot modify the hosted copy while you do this. Specify the following advanced recover options to get a copy of the file that is unchanged except for rebuilt indexes:

                     Copy File Blockes as is.

                     Rebuild Field Indexes [Now].

                     Then examine the recovered copy and see if the problem has been corrected. If so, replace the hosted copy of your database with this recovered copy.