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Portal Does Not Display Related Records But Find Functions Properly

Question asked by AnthonyReimer on Aug 7, 2015
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Portal Does Not Display Related Records But Find Functions Properly


FileMaker Pro


14.0.1 Advanced

Operating system version

OS X 10.10.4

Description of the issue

A database created with FMP 14 Advanced that relates two tables via a join table correctly displays related data in a portal using one of the tables but not with the other. The behaviour in the portal with the incorrect display is such that it appears that no related records are present (only one empty row is "live" if you allow record creation via portal in the relationships setup, regardless of how many related records there should be). However, if you perform a Find using that portal with the incorrect display, it will correctly select a found set based on the related data (but will still not show that data).

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a new solution using FMP Advanced 14.0.1.
2. Using Manage Database, create three tables: one named Class, another named Persons, and a join table named ClassToPersons. Define the relationships for these, allowing join table records to be created automatically. [See Screenshot 1]
3. On a layout for Class, add a portal for related Persons records.
4. Populate the Class table with data using the Class layout.
5. Populate the Persons table with data using a layout for Persons.
6. Use the portal on the Class layout to associate Persons records with Class records. (A class can have more than one person associated with it and a person can have more than one class associated with it.) The data from Persons shows up in the portal row once the key is entered for the desired person(s). [This is as expected. See Screenshot 2.]
7. On the layout for Persons, add a portal for related Class records. [See Screenshot 3.]
8. Enter Find mode and enter a value in one of the portal fields that will only find a subset of the records present (e.g., search for one particular class name from Class). [See Screenshots 4 and 5.]

Expected result

After Step 7, we should see the related records data from Class based on the join records created in Step 6.
After Step 8, the number of records should be reduced based on the search criteria and the portal for each record should still show the same information as it did prior to the search.

Actual result

After Step 7, no records are shown from Class in the portal. Trying to select a portal row (or a field in a portal row) if you have not allowed Class records to be created fails as if there are no related records. Trying to select/enter into a field in a portal row if you have allowed Class records to be created always behaves as if there are no related records; that is, the top row only can be selected, and if you create a new related record by entering data in that portal row, the record is correctly created but disappears from the portal once you exit the portal.
After Step 8, the Find reduces the found set correctly results based on the actual data in Class but still does not show any data in the portal.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

The failure is silent.

Configuration information

Database was created from scratch in FMP Advanced 14.0.1 on a Mac mini (Late 2012) running OS X 10.10.4.