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Portal field disappears when moved past layout objects

Question asked by jreinsch on Dec 3, 2012
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Portal field disappears when moved past layout objects


FileMaker Pro


12.0v3 Advanced

Operating system version

Win 7 Enterprise

Description of the issue

Using inspector to move a field in a portal beyond the rightmost edge of the current layout objects results in making the field invisible and unselectable.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In the Inventory starter solution:
Go into layout mode.
Expand the window to show at least 1000 pt horizontally.
In the Stock Transactions portal, select the Units Out field.
Click the "i" to open the inspector and set the left position to 910.

Expected result

The field moves to the new location with the field name shown. If you click outside of it, you can reselect it by dragging around it.

Actual result

The field moves, but the name is gone; only the outline is visible. Click outside of the field, and it's no longer visible at all. Furthermore, attempts reselect it by dragging fail.

Configuration information

This may seem trivial, but it is sometimes useful to move objects off to the side to work on them in isolation, and then move them back.


Instead of using the inspector to move the field, hold down the right arrow key until the field is in the desired position.