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Portal filter expression fails with global fields

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jun 25, 2010
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Portal filter expression fails with global fields

Description of the issue

Filemaker 11WIndows XP, SP3. Not sure if this is a bug or an undocumented limitation of portal filtering. In either case, it's truly unfortunate as global field based portal filtering which works at the data level and can keep two users from interfering with each other's efforts to filter the same portal does not work in a filemaker 11 portal filter expression. Define a database with two tables: Parent; fields cOne (calculation that returns 1) , gFruit (global text field ) and Child, fields cOne (calculation that returns 1) and Fruit (Text).Link the two tables: Parent::cOne = Child::cOne Create two child records with Apple in one record's fruit field and Orange in the other record's field.Place a portal to Child on the Parent record and enter the following portal filter expression: Parent::gFruit = Child::Fruit If you enter Apple in gFruit you would expect the the portal to only show the related record with Apple and entering Orange in gFruit should only show the Orange record, but this does not happen. Removing portal filtering and using the relationship: Parent::gFruit = Child::Fruit produces the desired result, but this (extra TO's in the relationship graph) is what portal filter expressions were intended to avoid. Changing the storage for gFruit to nonglobal also works, but this can raise record locking issues in multi-user situations.