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Portal Filtering: Adding record through filtered portal

Question asked by electric_soul on May 6, 2010
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Portal Filtering: Adding record through filtered portal

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved:FM Pro 11 Advanced Operating System(s) involved:Win Xp Pro SP3  Files: working.fp7 is a new file created by hand. I took the layouts and stuff from the notworking.fp7 and imported everything.notworking.fp7 is a copy of our company database. I deleted everything but what you see now.  Detailed description of the issue:Open the File "notworking.fp7" (User/Pass: admin/xxxxxx)Goto Layout "Reklamation"Add two records through the portal "Complaint" and 2 records through "Arrangement" by click "". Always choose a file.Expected and actual Result: Now we have 4 clean records. All good.No turn on "Portal Filtering" on "Complaint" and "Arrangement". Use the predefined filter.Now start adding more files through the "Complaint" and "Arrangement" portal.Actual bad Result: Now you'll notice that all new records are screwed up. And old records occasionally get changed.Workarounds:No workarounds. I managed it to create a new database(working.fp7) and import everything. Then it suddenly worked. I tried the same thing again and failed. I do not know what I am missing.