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Portal not showing all related records.

Question asked by vijay.venkatachalam on Mar 26, 2014
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Portal not showing all related records.


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Description of the issue

When pulling records from related table using portal, the portal displays only first matching record.

For example we have three tables related
Customer (customer ID) -> Opportunity (Opp. ID) -> Opportunity Line item

Customer is linked to Opportunity using customer ID, and Opportunity table is linked to Opp.Line Item table using Opp ID.
One customer record can have multiple opportunities record and one opportunities can have multiple line items to it.

So on the customer Layout (thats pulling records from customer table) we put a portal to pull the records for matching opportunities (portal was set up to pull records from Opportunities table) and all the line items under each opportunity, so at the end the portal should be displaying all the line items per customer.

For example
Customer 1 has Opp 1 and Opp 2, and each Opp 1 has line items line item 1 , line item 2, line item 3 ...

on the portal we pull the records from Opportunity table, but interestingly only first matching line item record is displayed and rest is ignored.

Please see the screenshots of the relationship.

What am I missing?should portal be pulling all the records from line items for matching opportunity ID on Opportunity and Line item table?