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Portal Problems

Question asked by DonaldKing on Jan 9, 2014
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Portal Problems


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker Pro Advanced 13

Operating system version

MAC OS 10.9.1

Description of the issue

I'm having problems getting my portals to work on the invoice and purchase order I'm using. I'm new to filemaker pro and I've been slowly but surely figuring it out. I've seen some tutorials talk about primary and foreign keys but i have no idea what there talking about. The portal snaps to a random value on my products table and will only save lines with that specific product in it. Any other product i try to add to the portal will show up but as soon as i click the mouse outside of the portal they disappear. thank you in advance

Expected result

Portal saves the line items no matter what product

Actual result

portal only saves the product it randomly snaps to