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    Portal Row Delete Bug - 10


      Portal Row Delete Bug - 10 & 11

      Description of the issue

      This has been tested in Filemaker 10 and Filemaker 11 and is a little worrying. A portal created without the option selected - Allow deletion of portal records ignores this option when. When you have an object that activates the portal row but does not hilight it and you press the delete key it ask to delete the related record. When you have the portal row hilighted and press delete in this scenario it does not delete the record and adheres to the expected behaviour of this feature. To activate the portal row (without selecting) you create an object that sets a value from the portal such as a text object or a button. The row has context after the mouse click and the portal row is not hi-lighted.  This was discovered in an example using a text object that sets a field in the Record that contains the Portal Row... Not setting a field in the related record through the portal. Jamie  

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am unable to replicate the problem.  I have created a portal without the option to delete portal records.  When I click the delete key, nothing happens.


          I then create a button that uses Set Field based upon a value from the portal.  When I click delete afterwards, nothing happens.  I do not get a prompt.


          Let me know what I'm doing differently than you, and I'll try to replicate it again.



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              i experience inconsistent behavior with deleting portal row via scripted delete - in FM10 and FM11 on macos 10.5.8 and 10.6.4 (latest versions).

            unfortunately sometimes it works and sometimes won't - non-deterministic behavior .. the context is an uncommitted parent record

            and a portal with allow creation of records on - the delete button (script) on the existing (not-last row) portal row does delete sometimes - and sometimes not .. 

            hosted by FMServer 10v2 - on OS 10.5.8

            tested with Advanced and the debugger doesn't show an error anywhere - i also tested for any file corruption or damage - the recovery procedure did not report any issues using FMP11v2 recovery. - and i did maintain the file - using a compressed copy - same thing.

            if not on the server - running a local fresh compressed copy - it works much more reliable!

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              Ulrich Graser:

              Thank you for your post.

              I am unable to replicate the problem.  Here are the steps I took...

              I created a database file with a couple of tables, related by the text field "ID".  In table A, I created a portal into table B, and I have allow creation of records turned on.  I entered a few records in table A, and 20+ records in table B, making sure there were a minimum of three records displaying in the portal.  Locally, I was able to add and delete records from the portal.

              I then moved the file to FileMaker Server 10.0v2 running on Mac OS X 10.5.8.  I accessed the server using FileMaker Pro Advanced 11v2 and each addition or deletion was successful.

              Rather than spending more time on my file, I would like to try your file.  Please check your Inbox (top of this page) for instructions where to send your file.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Thanx TSGal - i will proceed and send you the file - i did demo it at devcon to a genius who was very helpful and conformed it ..



                PS please resend me the instructions - there was nothing in my inbox .. THANK YOU!

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                  Ulrich Graser1138:

                  I have sent the instructions again.  Check the Inbox at the top of this screen.

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                         Its been a while since I reported this and I was at my client site where i first discovered this bug... They are now running filemaker 12 and the bug still exists and hasnt been fixed.


                         As you can see from the image it still allows the deletion of a portal row i created a simple filemaker database in FM 12.


                         1. Display a portal on the layout.

                         2. Make sure Allow deletion of portal records is NOT ticked.

                         3. create a button in the portal row that sets the field. single set field script step will do.

                         4. The script sets the field data in the portal to a new text string but does not hilight the portal row...

                         5. Press the Delete key on the keyboard and the portal row confirms you want to delete.... press Delete and its gone!!


                         Expected Behavior... should be governed by the option in the portal setup ... Allow deletion of portal records!

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                           The behaviour described above is still there in FileMaker 12.0v4, but it does seem to fixed in FileMaker 13.

                           Also in FileMaker 13 if the database is created in 12.

                           But not when the file is created in FileMaker 13.

                           (All this according to my quick test in FMPA 12.0v4 and FMPA 13.0v1 on Mac OS 10.8.5)


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                        Hello there,

                        I just posted a "related" but different report Disabling Allow deletion of portal record IGNORED.

                        Bye, Fred