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Portal Row Delete Bug - 10

Question asked by disabled_scibidoo on Apr 25, 2010
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Portal Row Delete Bug - 10 & 11

Description of the issue

This has been tested in Filemaker 10 and Filemaker 11 and is a little worrying. A portal created without the option selected - Allow deletion of portal records ignores this option when. When you have an object that activates the portal row but does not hilight it and you press the delete key it ask to delete the related record. When you have the portal row hilighted and press delete in this scenario it does not delete the record and adheres to the expected behaviour of this feature. To activate the portal row (without selecting) you create an object that sets a value from the portal such as a text object or a button. The row has context after the mouse click and the portal row is not hi-lighted.  This was discovered in an example using a text object that sets a field in the Record that contains the Portal Row... Not setting a field in the related record through the portal. Jamie