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    Portal row reset



      Portal row reset


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      W8.1 64bit

      Description of the issue

      Even if flag is correctly set, when exit form portal (go to different object by script), portal reset occurs and scroll bar goes back to first row


      save current row and go there by script

      That's not nice because selected row will always be at the bottom of portal, with annoying effect

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          Are you staying on the same layout or changing layouts? Changing layouts will always reset the portal scroll bar. Sometimes there are ways to do the same task without changing layouts or in a new, but hidden from view window to avoid this.

          If you are changing the focus to another object on the same layout, check to see if "Reset scroll bar when exiting record" is selected in portal setup. As long as you stay on the same layout and this option is NOT selected, the portal scroll bar should not reset.

          If you have to reset the focus on a portal row, you can sometimes play a few games with how you do this to position the row in the center of the portal--though this is not likely to reproduce the same scroll position as before so that may not really be any improvement.

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            I'm staying on same layout, changing focus to another object on same page when row is selected.

            After your post I did some other test and I noticed that as soon as Filemaker is opened that works fine (portal does not reset).

            After using that for a while, problem occurs and since that moment it will always reset.

            I know it sounds strange, I have a similar strange effect with script debugger. As soon as Filemaker is opened function keys let me navigate (F5, F6, F7). After closing and reopening debuggers for a number of times, function keys does not work anymore (and everything become slower, ndt).

            I understand they are different problem, but they both occurs after using the system for a while.


            Please note that in both case it not enough to close project but all filemaker needs to be closed and reopened



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              Thank you for your posts.

              Your description sounds like a memory leak in FileMaker Pro.  This issue has not been reported, so I would need some additional information.

              What other applications are running?  Do you have any backup software running during the time FileMaker Pro is active?

              How many FileMaker windows do you have open?

              When you say "After using that for a while, problem occurs and since that moment it (portal) will always reset", can you provide some time frame for "a while"?

              What other objects are on the layout?

              Do you have other layouts with portals?  Does the same issue occur?

              Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                I don't think any boundary condition can affect result. No backup software running or any other cpu consumption app. Layout involved is the main one so it is quite complex and full of many kind of objects.Normally windows open at same time are 1 to 3/4, not many.

                Not able to be more specific on row portal reset yet. Still trying to replicate under defined conditions.

                But I have noticed:

                - Debugger stops working using function keys when you stop execution once. After that next debugs will be insensitive to function keys. Sorry, forget, unable to replicate

                - Slowness is definitely related to layout browser. When it is open everything will be slower, even if minimized. This was the same in Fmp13 but much consistently less. When you close browser speed goes ok. This is confirmed