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Portal Tool displays static info while in web publishing mode

Question asked by MayoVrba on Oct 19, 2010
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Portal Tool displays static info while in web publishing mode


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows Vista (Experienced in both FF3.0 and IE7.0)

Description of the issue

Using a modified template of Event Management modified a portal to reference a unique table. While in FileMakerPro the layout allows modification of the portal tool by clicking on a field selecting from the drop down a suitable value.

When this same database is displayed on the web any data that is in the field remains static and getting the drop down to activate is near impossible. There is a work around but I feel that there has to be another method.

Steps to reproduce the problem

In the template mentioned above - add a new event, add some guests to the event - you may have to create some guests initially. Do this in FileMakerPro. Now make this database IWP and load onto the FileMakerServer. Go to the location on the web and try to modify or add new guests on the list. This now doesn't work - at least for me it doesn't.

Expected result

The drop-down list should appear on the web as it does while working in the FileMakerPro layout

Actual result

No drop down list appears and it makes it impossible to modify any pre-exisiting data or to add a new data.


Expand the field that is hidden in the back ground, which refers to the value list, add a drop down arrow and have only the arrow displayed. A user must click must click on the arrow to modify the data. This solution is not optimal. I need to know if there is another work around?