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Portal-properties are not accepted

Question asked by disabled_menno on Apr 21, 2013
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Portal-properties are not accepted


FileMaker Pro


12v1, 12v2, 12v3

Operating system version

Window 7 (several tastes: pro, ultimate, premium)

Description of the issue

The lines between the portalrecords allways are black when the line-thickness is set to less than 2 pt's and
that the hairline only renders well when set to 0,5 pt's instead of 0,25 pt's (see the picture)

Steps to reproduce the problem

The layout theme is set to classic.
A new portal is created and in the inspector linethickness and color are set to the disired values. For example red lines and 0.25 point linethicknes

Expected result

A portal with red hairlines on the outside and between the protalrows

Actual result

A portal with wooly red lines on the outside about 1 pt thick and black lines between the portalrows

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information



Part of the problem can be solved: Set the linethickness to 0.5 pt solves the wooly line and shows thinner than 1 pt, but the lines between the portalrows a still are black