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Portals and Tab Controls fail to "own" enclosed objects

Question asked by philmodjunk on Apr 8, 2013
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Portals and Tab Controls fail to "own" enclosed objects


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows XP, Windows 7

Description of the issue

If you use an alignment tool in the inspector to align an object outside the borders of a tab control or portal with an object that is inside and the resulting position change places the outside object within the borders of the tab control or portal, the tab control or portal will fail to "own" the newly repositioned object

If you drag the portal or tab panel, the object does not move with it. And the object will not display correctly--it will be visible only in the first portal row and it will be visible no matter which tab panel is selected.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Put an object inside a portal's row. Put a second object at least partially outside the portal row positioned to the left and lower than the first object.

Select both objects by shift clicking.

Click the align top edges and align right edges tools to pull the second object inside the borders of the portal row.

Now drag the portal to a different position or view it in browse mode to see that it's only in the first portal row.

Repeat these steps with a tab control.

Expected result

The enclosing tab control or portal should own the object. The object should move when the owner moves and the object should display correctly.

Actual result

It's not owned. It doesn't move and it doesn't display correctly.


Place the object inside the boundaries of the portal or tab control. Then use alignment tools to align it to other objects in the portal row or tab panel.