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Portals on FM GO 12 reset to top after first time you scroll

Question asked by fmweetbicks on Sep 13, 2012


Portals on FM GO 12 reset to top after first time you scroll & click in them.


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 5.1.1

Description of the issue

The problem is when I go to the layout that has the portal on it, I begin scrolling the portal right away (without clicking into/on it) ,  but as soon as I try to click on a portal row the first time, the portal "refreshes" and jumps right back to the top and I have to scroll all over again to find the record I wanted to click.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Portal on a layout with scrollbar and numerous records
2. Button inside the portal to run a script (tho makes no difference from experience.
3. Go to layout from another layout and begin scrolling portal
4. try to click on a portal row, it reloads and jumps back to top
5. works properly as expected after this happens, but happens every time you go to the layout.

Expected result

I should be able to scroll to a postion and have it stay there when I click on a portal row to run a script

Actual result

It reloads and jumps to the top of the portal and I have to scroll all over again.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error messages

Configuration information

I have submitted this before and have been told it was unable to be reproduced - even after supplying numerous example files. Now I am working on a new solution and it has happened again. 

This happens when File is hosted on FM Server Advanced 12v2 in my testing.  There is only one file in the solution.  Doesn't matter what type of portal it is or if I recreate new portals, it happens for all of them.


I wish there was a workaround.