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Position Inspector not acting properly

Question asked by scottworld on May 24, 2014
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Position Inspector not acting properly


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We're experiencing a FileMaker Pro bug where certain layouts are not responding properly to numbers that we type into the Inspector. We have run both a consistency check and a recovery on this file, and ZERO problems were found with either process, so it is not a corrupt file. The file is fine. This seems to be a FMP 13 bug.

We have a layout that is set to display as list view only, using the "Cool Gray Touch" theme. The header is 157 points high, and the body part is 43 points high. There are no other parts on the layout.

All the fields within the body part are no higher than 30 points… all the fields fit nicely within the Body Part.

When we click on the Body part label tag, then go to the Inspector to change its height, it never responds properly to any numbers that are SMALLER than the current height. The inspector will actually DISPLAY THE NEW SMALLER NUMBER, but the layout will EXPAND THE HEIGHT of the body part to something astronomical… to something like 293 points high! However, the inspector still displays the new smaller number that we just typed in.

It isn't until we click out of the body part and back into the body part label tag again that the Inspector reflects the ACTUAL height of the body part, which has now ballooned in size to 293 points height!

In other words, the ONLY WAY to REDUCE THE HEIGHT of the body part is to MANUALLY DRAG THE BODY PART SMALLER.

However, everything always works fine the other way… we can always use the Inspector to INCREASE THE HEIGHT of the body part, but the Inspector always fails when REDUCING THE HEIGHT of the body part.