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    Possible Script Bug when creating a new record



      Possible Script Bug when creating a new record

      Description of the issue

      This is in regards to this post I have made in the How to use Filemaker Pro forum: http://forum-en.filemaker.com/fm/board/message?board.id=FM-en-4&thread.id=18254  Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1. Create a database2. Create three tables in that database, 1 called estimate, 1 called quote, 1 called vendor3. Create the following fields in estimate:estimate_id (indexed, auto-enter serial, can't modify auto), quote_vendor_looku(text)4. Create the following fields in quote: quote_id(number), vendor_code (text)5. Create the following fields in vendor: vendor_code (text, indexed, unique, allow override)6. Create a script that does the following on the estimate layout:    Has a field tied to vendor_lookup_code where user enters vendor code    Has a button that creates a new record in the quote table based on estimate_id and vendor_lookup_code7. Script steps are listed below for the button:Create New QuoteGo to Layout [ “Quote” (Quote) ]New Record/RequestSet Field [ Quote::vendor_code; Quote::vendor_code = Estimate::quote_vendor_lookup ]Set Field [ Quote::quote_id; Quote::quote_id = Estimate::estimate_id ]Commit Records/Requests[ Skip data entry validation; No dialog ] 8. Check quote records, and the fields are not being populated. Expected Result:A quote record will be created and the field Quote::quote_id will be set to the current Estimate::estimate_id, and the field Quote:quote_vendor_code will be set to the current Estimate::quote_vendor_lookupActual Result:Quote::quote_id is set to a value of 1Quote:quote_vendor_code is set to a value of 1Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:N/ASetup:Windows XP Pro Sp 2 Filemaker 10 advanced