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Possible SnowLeopard SMTP bug

Question asked by CupertinoDev on Aug 31, 2009
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Possible SnowLeopard SMTP bug

Description of the issue

I just found something that may be a bug with FMP 10 and Snow Leopard.I finishing up a database for a client that will be used as a runtime.  Earlier today I installed Snow Leopard on my development box (Mac Pro  6gigs RAM) running FMP Advanced 10. I built a simple script to loop  through records (testing with 4 records in the found set), building a  global variable as a CSV to populate an email that can used to import  into FM on the recipients end. The Variable looks like this:first & last & street & city & (¶) &first & last & street & city & (¶) &on and onThe variable is then used as the body of the email.This works fine in a non-runtime situation. After building the  runtime, each time I run the script, I get the spinning beach ball and  FMP hangs causing a force quit.I then moved the runtime to another box with Leopard 10.5.8 (not SL)  and the script runs fine.I went back to the SL box tried it again, still hangs.Any ideas.... it appears to be something with Snow Leopard.