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Preserving italics when pasting

Question asked by MatthewRendall on Apr 22, 2013
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Preserving italics when pasting


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This question has been asked before, but not, I believe, recently. I've been using FileMaker regularly since the 1990s--first on Macs, and then for the last ten years on PCs. In every respect but one, the programme works the same for me on a PC as on a Mac, but recently what was always an inconvenience has become a big problem. When I paste text with italics from another programme into a field the italics disappear. The only option seems to be go to laboriously through the text and restore each set of italics by hand.

The consensus from past posts on this topic seems to be that it's a problem with Windows, and there's nothing to be done. I am wasting so much of my time restoring italics, however, that I am considering abandoning my PC and going back to working on Macs. Yet it seems crazy to have to replace my computer and all my software just because of this one bug. Do I have any other option? Thanks....