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Preview Mode on Windows not reliable

Question asked by Fred(CH) on Jul 14, 2015
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Preview Mode on Windows not reliable


FileMaker Pro


11/12/13/14 tested

Operating system version

Windows 7 / Windows Server 2012 r2

Description of the issue

After 7 years of FileMaker adventures, i just realized yesterday, during a mission critical project, that on Windows only, you just cannot rely on Preview Mode.

In some very simple situations, Preview Mode will present you a result that is far different than the printer AND than the save as PDF. In particular, the tested behavior was the ability to fit a text on a field or merge object (same results).

For example, whereas the Preview Mode is displaying a text on two lines because not enough room, the printer and FMP Save as PDF both agreed that "yeah there is enough room", and the result only take one line.

In my original case, the result was 1 page instead of two.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Just open the sample files i made, switch to Preview Mode, Print, Save as PDF and compare results.
One file were created with FileMaker 11 and the other with FileMaker 14. No conversion.
Link :

Expected result

Preview should render the same than the printer or the save as PDF. That mean only 1 line on the four objects.

Actual result

Huge differences. I mean you can play with it. Even if you remove or add one char, the results can perfectly remain the same.

Configuration information

Tested :
Arial and Tahoma
Windows 7 and Windows Server 2012 Server r2
FMP 11 -> 14
Canon and HP printers
(All produced the same results above.)