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Previewed Report Paginates Strangely

Question asked by on Aug 18, 2013
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Previewed Report Paginates Strangely


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX 10.8

Description of the issue

When previewing a report that is sorted by sub-summary, the report paginates differently depending on the size of a text field -- if the multiline text field is 6 lines or fewer, then the page paginates as I would expect -- with one sub-summary following the other directly, continuing on the current page and filling it before beginning page 2 of the report.  This particular field is a standard multi-line text field on the Body of the report, and the field is annotated to slide up and to reduce the size of the enclosing part.  The field does just that.

However, if the field is over 6 lines, then the following sub-summary heading and the appropriate portion of the body text then appear on the next page, as if FileMaker had been instructed not to break the Part (in this case the Sub-Summary and Body) between pages.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have a small .fmp12 file that clearly demonstrates the issue, but cannot upload it on this forum.

Expected result

I would have expected, regardless of the size of the field in question, that the parts would flow as sorted and ordered, and fill one page before starting another, without the apparently inserted page break.

Actual result

The first sub-summary, containing a record with a field of over six lines of text prints on page one of the report, but the following sub-summary, together with its associated records, all appear on the second page, but with unused space at the bottom of the first page.

A limited amount of experimentation with the size of the text field yielded the 6 line figure.  I did not make any effort to try adjusting the width of that field to see if there were any other variables.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information



i can't find one