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Print Error

Question asked by KevinSteiger on Oct 9, 2010
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Print Error


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7 64-bit

Description of the issue

In Windows 7 64-bit, using a button on a layout to run a script I receive an error message that the printer is not on a port (works fine in XP).  I can print, however, if I uncheck the "Perform Without Dialog" checkbox.  It seems that printing without dialog is the culprit.  And using the Print button on the Toolbar works fine.  My script is simple:

Select Window [Current Window]
Go to Layout ["Plain Print" (ABLUMENTHAL)]
Print [Restore, No dialog]
Go to Layout ["Tabs" (ABLUMENTHAL)]

I double-checked the Print line and it is set to the correct printer (the default printer, which is set to  A few times I've received "Error fmp10_tutorial.pdf."
I've tried adding delays between the lines in the script, to no avail.  Thank you for any help you can provide.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Only occurs when printing through the script.


If I uncheck "Perform Without Dialog" and the printer window opens, it WILL print from there, following which the script finishes as expected.