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    Print Error



      Print Error


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7 64-bit

      Description of the issue

      In Windows 7 64-bit, using a button on a layout to run a script I receive an error message that the printer is not on a port (works fine in XP).  I can print, however, if I uncheck the "Perform Without Dialog" checkbox.  It seems that printing without dialog is the culprit.  And using the Print button on the Toolbar works fine.  My script is simple:

      Select Window [Current Window]
      Go to Layout ["Plain Print" (ABLUMENTHAL)]
      Print [Restore, No dialog]
      Go to Layout ["Tabs" (ABLUMENTHAL)]

      I double-checked the Print line and it is set to the correct printer (the default printer, which is set to  A few times I've received "Error fmp10_tutorial.pdf."
      I've tried adding delays between the lines in the script, to no avail.  Thank you for any help you can provide.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Only occurs when printing through the script.


      If I uncheck "Perform Without Dialog" and the printer window opens, it WILL print from there, following which the script finishes as expected.


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          Can't tell if you tried this from your post:

          1. Open the script in the script editor.
          2. Double click the print script step and re-specify all the print options. Select the "perform without dialog" option and save your script.
          3. Now test and see if you still get the same error.


          It may be that the stored printer settings from XP needed to be updated for your new system.

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            You were correct, I deleted the print script and re-created it, and it works fine.

            I took it for granted that since the settings looked correct for the Windows 7 printer, that it should work fine.  Now I need to try it on one of my XP machines to see if it works there too.  I hope it does.  It would be quite annoying if the script only worked for the printer it was created for and not the default printer on any PC.

            Thanks again for your response.  I appreciate it.


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              Print Steps with [restore] are pretty specific, which is why I suggested this fix. You may want to create several scripts that have just a single Print [restore] and then modify your scripts to identify the OS, then use Perform Script to call the relevant print script.

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                Thanks, Phil.  Fortunately, all the PC's on my network that access the database (about 20) are running XP.  I'm just preparing for the day when we begin upgrading to Windows 7.  To be honest, I'm very new at this.  I've only been using FileMaker for about two weeks, and I've learned quite a bit.  My previous database experience, believe it or not, is with an app called Advanced DB-Master for DOS.  Yes, DOS.  We finally moved on to the Windows-based version last September, and thankfully I am no longer responsible for that database.  Although quite powerful for its day (1994), the differences between ADBM for DOS and FileMaker are night and day.

                I'm using the book FileMaker Pro 10, The Missing Manual, but it doesn't delve deep enough for some of the things I need to do, or maybe it doesn't explain things clearly enough for me, or maybe I'm just dense.

                I don't want to bother you with more questions, except one:  Can you suggest a good FileMaker book?

                Thanks again,


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                  I'm "self taught" starting with a degree in computer programming and have used FileMaker since FMP 2.5. Thus, I haven't read any of the "how to" books that have come out. You might post that question separately to the FileMaker Pro forum, (Not here in Report an Issue), and see if someone else can recommend something.

                  Another possibility would be to go to Amazon.com, look up books on FileMaker and read the reader reviews to see if there's a better option.

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                    Thanks, Phil.  Once again, I will take your advice.  I appreciate your time.