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    Print error closes FilemakerPro7



      Print error closes FilemakerPro7

      Description of the issue

      Have success sorting & printing labels from one Series category but with next sort & print only 1st page prints, then get message FilemakerPro.exe has an error & needs to close.  Have sent reports but not received a reply.  Have tried to debug but FilemakerPro closes.  Unable to resume printing once FilemakerPro7 is restarted.  Please help.

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          Hi abc123,


          Thanks for posting!  I wish there was a setting that we could simply change so that you could get a quick and easy resolution, but with this type of issue there could be many factors causing the problem.  There were also some printing issues in earlier FileMaker versions, but they shouldn't cause a FileMaker crash.  Let's expand a bit on the testing to narrow down where the issue lies (printing vs. database, etc.). 


          Concerning the printing process: 

          If you're running the sort and print from a script, try printing via File > Print.  Let's leave the records unsorted for the time being and see if printing from File > Print will cause the crash.  Also, if you're printing records being browsed see if you experience the same behavior if the option for current record is selected.


          Concerning the printer: 

          Try updating the printer drivers.  If the printer is networked, try printing locally.  Is there another printer that you could try?


          Concerning the database:

          As always, a great test is verifying if the same thing happens with a test database.  Create a brand new database with a label layout.  Add 5 records and then see if the crash will happen via File > Print.


          Again, I apologize we do not have an immediate resolution for this issue but the answers can definitely help us narrow down the source of the issue.  Let me know how it works out!




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