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Print Portal Records to PDF does not include all records

Question asked by MorkAfur on Feb 28, 2015
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Print Portal Records to PDF does not include all records


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac 10.10.2

Description of the issue

Trying to print to PDF (or save to PDF) a portal with more records than the currently defined portal row count loses records "being browsed".

This behavior is confusing since FMP's own print dialog says it will print "records being browsed", but in fact it won't print the portal records beyond the number the portal was set up with. At least this seems to be what's happening.

I can "see" the records I want to print. They're in the "Found Set". FileMaker just won't print them all.

This is a huge problem!

What if I had multi-hundred page reports (not out of the question) in a portal. Am I expected to manually adjust the portal row count (in, gulp, Design Mode) before I print each portal layout? How could an end user do this adjustment?

Also, when making the portal row count, say, 150 for testing, the PDF output then has the remainder of the blank space (beyond the required space to print the rows) output to the PDF also.

What's additionally confusing by this is that the Export to HTML and Export to Excel output all the portal rows as expected.


There's a corollary issue here about being able to print huge *fields* with lots of text. Apparently, FMP won't do that either unless the field is physically large enough on the screen (???).

What if I'm printing a single field with 20 pages of text? Am I, again, expected to make a field, say, five feet long in design mode? What about the next record where that same field only has one line of text? How would this spacing then look on the printout (PDF). Not good, I'm guessing.


I'm hoping this is a bug.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I don't need to include this information since you already have help docs that describe this problem (but not a realistic way around it -- since you can't expect the customer (who wouldn't have design access anyway)) to manually adjust portal row count between parent records.

Expected result

I expect FMP to output to PDF all the "records being browsed" as the FMP dialog says.

Actual result

A subset is output based on the portal row count.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

Default FMP for Mac config.


None found other than avoid PDF outputs.