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    Print script problem with wifi



      Print script problem with wifi


      FileMaker Go

      Description of the issue

      Using 1 iPad with FM Go connected to an Airport extreme.
      The airport extreme has an Dymo lable printer connected to so I can print over wifi.
      This works perfectly with FMP 11 on a mac but get an error message on the iPad (The script step "Print" is not supported on this device. Please see help for more information. Do yoy wish to continue this script?)

      Not possible to print to an wifi base station acting like a print server?

      Configuration information

      iPad to use as a visitor registration unit. Print labels on a Dymo label printer so users can have a visible badge when moving around at the office.

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          The problem isn't with wifi, it's a limitation of Go and the mobile devices it can be installed on.

          You can enter data from your mobile device, but the print operation has to be performed from FileMaker Pro.

          You might be able to set up a script in FileMaker Pro that periodically checks for a value set from the iPad. When detected, this script would then kick in and print the data from FileMaker Pro.

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            So the solution is to have a mac running the DB and the iPad to guest access that DB over the wifi.

            The print script should then be working fine since it is handled by the Mac.

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              Testing to run the DB on a macmini who are connected to the wifi network.

              A little slower response for the screen updates but that was expected but the scrip is still causing the same problem.

              Can I run the script on the macmini in any way?

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                Is the macmini hosting the file with FileMaker server and you are running this with a server side script? Print is not compatible with that set up either.

                A client machine running FileMaker Pro (either as the hosting application or as a guest of FileMaker Server) should be able to print with no problem. You might have to update your print script step to make sure that it is correctly referencing the printer dirver for your badge printer.

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                  Thanks for the replay,

                  It is a macmini with FMP hosting the DB (sharing the DB) so there are no FMP server involved in my test setup.

                  Since this solution (visitor registration) is in a public area I don't want it to be connected to the office LAN or to WAN it shall just handle the registration and nothing else. Would be nice to use an iPad as a front end but is that not possible in any way I'm forced to use a single machine with a USB label writer connected to it as we have done for years now. 

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                    I don't see what the script would trigger the same error message if you are running it on the MacMini instead of the iPad.

                    It should run from the Mac unless the Print step itself needs to be updated to correctly refer to your label printer.

                    You might be able to set up a recurrent script with Install On Timer or a looping script to run on the MacMini that tries to find new records created via the iPad client. It could then print the records thus found and then "mark" them by setting a value in the same record's field so that they don't get found and printed a second time.

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                      I agree that the scipt error trigger is also surprising me when it is hosted on the macmini.

                      There are no problem at at all to use the macmini itself and register visitors and print the lables, the problem only accure when I'm using the iPad as a front end solution.

                      I shall look at looping script solution or if an AppleScript can do the print for me.

                      It is a show stopper right now for a nice solution I think.

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                        Get a -1713 error when I try to create an AppleScript step.

                        Any suggestion how to create the AppleScript step?