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    Print Script Step Printer Setting Sticking



      Print Script Step Printer Setting Sticking

      Description of the issue

      Clean File, Mac OS X 10.5.6, FileMaker Pro 10.v1 System Default Printer: Printer A  When file is initially opened. Command-P prints to Printer A.I run a script that uses the Print script step to print to Printer BCommand-P now prints to Printer BUsing the Print script step without specifying a printer now prints to Printer BPrinting in another open FileMaker file is unaffected and still prints to the System Default.Closing the file and reopening returns printing to the Default Printer. This pretty much hamstrings attempts to script certain jobs to go to a specified printer while having all other cases use the default printer. -Paul TurnbullFileMaker 8/9 Certified DeveloperUnited Nurses of AlbertaEdmonton, Alberta