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Print Script Step Won't Hold Non-Default Printer

Question asked by amyp_1 on Jan 27, 2009
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Print Script Step Won't Hold Non-Default Printer

Description of the issue

I have an incredibly simple script that contains the Print script step. Change Layout and Print. For the Print Script step,  I click "Specify Print Options" and define the printer (Dymo Label Writer), Preset is Standard,  and Set Filemaker to Print only Current Record and select for the script "Perform without Dialog". When I run the script, it will not recognize the newly defined printer. It continues to want to print to the Default OS Printer (HP 2015). I have tried to set the scrip to Print with Dialog but no matter what, it ignores the Specify Print Options for the Print script step. I am on an Intel iMac with Leopord 10.5.5 and running FileMaker Pro 9.0v3