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    Print Settings



      Print Settings

      Description of the issue

      This may be an old problem but I have found that FMP9 refuses to remember Print settings (e.g. current record or records being browsed) unless the Print step is set to perform without dialog. This seems to me to be improper behavior after Specify print options is used and the Print script step shows [Restore].

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          I am not sure you are on a Mac, but this issue is familiar to me on Mac's.

          I have found that this can be an issue on a Mac as Mac's have these Print Presets which overrides any stored setting in the script when the Print dialog appears.

          Try setting the Preset to Standard and see if you get the expected behaviour from your script.

          The problem is that if the user later changes to another preset the setting in the preset is used...
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            Yes I'm on a Mac and that's the problem I have. Question is what's the solution?

            Is it a bug and is Filemaker doing anything about it? I don't like to Print with no dialog because I may need to cancel before printing a large number of records. 

            And besides what's the point of Selecting print settings and having it show [Restore] when it isn't restoring? Seems like a bug to me and it should be fixed. 


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              Have you confirmed that Restore works when you are using the Standard print dialog preset? 

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                Hi dave,


                Thanks for posting, and thanks to Andreas for some great suggestions.  What version of Mac and FileMaker are you using?  Also, could you provide example steps for reproducing the issue (although it seems fairly straightforward, I'd just like to make sure I will be testing the same steps you are performing)?


                I agree that this does seem like odd behavior, but I'd like to do some testing here as well before designating this as a possible bug.


                Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  I'm using FMP 9.0v3 (latest I think) and I'm on an iMac G5 OSX 10.5.5.

                  I will try Andreas suggestion although I'm not exactly sure what he means. I have a preset for Plain Paper so I'll try to set it to Standard. 

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                       OK - Andreas has the answer. When I use the Standard setting in the Presets of the Print Dialog everything works fine and FMP remembers my print settings whether I print with dialog or without. Many thanks Andreas
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                         You are welcome, Dave :)

                      Just keep in mind that a user can switch between presets without Filemaker knowing about it and your prints may then fail, as they will print according to the settings in the selected preset.
                      To remedy this somewhat you can make new presets and the OS will remember the current Filemaker settings.

                      This only works reliably if you always use the same Filemaker settings, ie. always use 'current record' or 'records being browsed' for your prints.

                      The only way to always allow Filemaker's current settings to always apply is to inform all your users to only use the 'Standard' preset.

                      I would suggest that you report this as a bug using the problem report system here:

                      The more people reporting bugs, the better are the chance to get it fixed.

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                        I'm experiencing the same print problem.  I'm using max 10.5.6 and have used FM for over 20 years.  It started when I upgraded to FM Advanced 9.  I have never been able to get an answer on how to fix this.  Today I upgraded to FM Advanced 10 hoping it would fix it but no luck.


                        When I try to print a record it shuts down FM.  It doesn't matter what the presets are and in fact it will not even let me change them it as it shuts me down as soon as the print box shows up.  The only way for me to print is to save the records as a PDF using the file menu and printing from the pdf.  Any suggestions!

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                          Thank you for your post.


                          FileMaker should not shut down when printing (although a problem was reported with the HP P1006 printer).  Can you tell me which printer you are using?  Is it a network or local printer?  Any additional information would be helpful in determining possible causes.



                          FileMaker, Inc. 

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                               Well that's the printer I'm using! Is it fixable a requires a new printer?
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                              The printer was in my cubicle for awhile, and I could get it to print once, but following attempts caused a crash.


                              I just contacted one of the testers for this printer, and he first gave me a couple of links to view:








                              The tester did say that he may have found a workaround.


                              "Do not use the mouse when the print dialog is up.  Use the Enter or Tab keys to move around the print dialog.  No crashes at this time."


                              If more information becomes available, I'll post it.



                              FileMaker, Inc.

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                                Thanks.  I reviewed the sites.  Best advice I saw was "Give up on the P1006 because it is not Mac compatible and HP isn't interested in fixing it."


                                That's what I'm going to do, I've messed with this for almost a year.


                                Thanks again.

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                                  This reported problem is of particular interest to me as I am experiencing exactly the same on some Macs at my work, running Filemaker 9.0.3. I have tried Andreas solution and it works.


                                  I noted, however, that you reported the problem occurring on a Mac using OS 10.5.x Leopard. This problem was first reported on a Mac also running Leopard.


                                  Since reading this article I have carried out checks on a Mac using OS 10.4.x Tiger as well and the problem does not exist. The scripted Print [Restore] command sets the required print current / browsed regardless of whether the Preset option is set to Standard or some non-Standard selection.


                                  This suggests there is a fundamental  incompatibility between Filemaker and the Leopard OS. Does anyone know to whom we should report such an observation? I suggest the Print [Restore] script step should work regardless of Print Presets.


                                   Dave at BiS

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                                    David at BiS:


                                    Yes, this does work on Tiger.  The current printer driver does not seem to support Leopard, as we are sending the same commands whether it is Tiger or Leopard.  Hopefully, HP will update the driver.



                                    FileMaker, Inc. 

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