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Print to PDF misses some lines

Question asked by calexmac on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by TSGal


Print to PDF misses some lines


FileMaker Pro


FMP13.0 v5 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac OS 10.10.3

Description of the issue

When printing one or more scripts to PDF, occasional single lines are missed on the PDF page break.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Print to Apple Preview to view FMP scripts for debugging.
Then use the search function to find a keyword, e.g. "Go to Related Record".
If the keyword falls on a page break in the PDF, the line is not visible in the PDF.

Expected result

The PDF should contain and make visible every line in the script.


Checked Bug DB from PhilModJunk - but no matching entry.
Thought Apple Preview might be the problem.
So created new printer workflow to open PDF files with Adobe Acrobat... but same problem persists.  This leads me to think that the problem lies with FMP.
So no workaround found.