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Print Web Viewer Crashes FileMaker

Question asked by BruceR on Feb 23, 2009
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Print Web Viewer Crashes FileMaker

Description of the issue

Under some circumstances, attempting multipage printing (or even preview) of a web viewer will crash (lock up) Filemaker. The crash will be avoided if you first browse through all pages you are going to preview/print. In my case I am using a complex data URL web viewer. I don't know if it also happens for simple pages.Filemaker 9 and 10.Mac OS 10.5.6I can provide an example file.General procedure to re-create problem:Have multi-record file that has different web viewer content on each page. Maybe just a list of URLs, one per record may do it. Go to a record that displays the first web viewer.Do NOT navigate to the other records.Enter preview mode.Now navigate to next records.OK, I tried this with simple URLs (e.g. but the problem does not occur.The file in question uses data URLs that call JQuery.