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    Printer output problems



      Printer output problems


      FileMaker Pro


      FMP 11

      Operating system version

      MAC OS Leaoperd

      Description of the issue

      I've been outputting from my data base program for 4-5 years.

      Just recently, my output page is only printing half the page.  If I switch to 8.5X11 border less the entire page prints but its reduced to 25% if original size and take a long time to print.  Switch back to normal 8.5X11 a test print prints out correctly like nothing is wrong, then the very next print out the bottom half of the page is blank again.  Sometimes printing from page preview works but never consistent like before.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      No error message.


      I've tried to output from a different computer with the same result.

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          Robert Siller:

          Thanks for posting.

          Does this issue occur in a new database?

          Do you have another printer that you can try printing from?

          It may also be a good idea to check for any driver updates from the printer manufacturer.


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            This only happens with this file.

            I do print from a small script but the problem occurs regardless if I use the scrip or print from the File menu or print from page preview.

            One thing I did do recently is in my entry window, I increased my input window larger than my page size horizontally.  Since the script takes me to a different layout I didn't think that would be a problem.

            Running FMP 8.5 on Mac OS 10.4.11  when I encountered this issue.

            Opened the same file on a different computer running FMP 11.0v3 on Mac OS 10.5.8 the first output page printed correctly the second output only printed half the page.



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              Robert Siller:

              As a test, let's try running a recovery on the file and testing again. To do this, open FileMaker Pro, head to File -> Recover and select your file. Then, open the resulting file and attempting to reproduce this issue.


              FileMaker, Inc.

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                Before doing some recovery, make a copy of the file and test the recovery file before using it in an operative environement.

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                  At the moment,  I moved the entry fields back to the original placement so they fit within the 8.5X11 sheet size in the edit window.

                  Outputting from my script worked 3X in a row.

                  I did try the recover route and saved file to a backup copy.  When trying to print from the recovered file, the output image was 25% of original size.  So I trashed the recovered file and back to the updated file.  Worked again!

                  Why, Why Why


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                    Guess what, after all this frustration, my production manager who knows nothing about FM figured it out.

                    I started prepunching my deposit sheets before placing them in the printer.  As the paper was printing the hole in the paper would cause the printer to eject the paper and not complete the print.  20% of the time it might work with the punched deposit sheet, but it would work 100% of the time with my test sheets which were play paper with no holes.

                    How funny is that.CryLaughingCryYellLaughing

                    Thank you for everyones input.


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                      Interesting issue.

                      Which printer is it? This is an important information, I think.

                      Isn't it odd to place the "end of paper" checking something on the place prepunched sheets have their holes?)

                      But too bad, you missed the 1. of April for this foolish explanation :-)