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    Printer Setup script step not working



      Printer Setup script step not working


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      Print Setup script step will not "remember printer" after File>PrintSetup is used to select another printer.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Created a two step script (TwoStepScript).
      Printer Setup[ Restore;No Dialog]
      set printer using "specify page setup" for Printer Setup[]saved script. Then from file>PrintSetup selected different printer. Run OnStepScript, selected printer does not change.

      Expected result

      print to saved Printer Setup[ Restore;No Dialog] printer.

      Actual result

      Prints to file>PrintSetup selected printer.


      if I use Print[Epson;No Dialog] printer changes OK. but I don't want to print.

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               Hi Tom,

               Printer Setup step is essentially designed to define the page setup, like A4, Landscape, and sometimes a bit more, like zoom, depending of the platform and the printer possibilities.

               BTW, a lot of the displayed options in the page setup dialog are not stored.

               Now, to restore the printer choice, you can simply configure your second step like this :

               Printer Setup [Restore: No Dialog]
               Print [Restore: MyPreferredPrinter]


               Bye, Fred

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                  But how can you set the page size when it is dependent upon the printer and it's options? And, If the command does not retrieve the saved printer, is it only saving "universal" print setting?  I am setting a receipt printer that does not have standard page sizes.

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                   You should be able to use printer setup to specify the custom page size used by your label printer. A number of people here in the forum use a Dymo label printer in that manner.

                   But the limitations in what you can do with printing in FileMaker scripts is why the MyFMButler plug in was developed. Many use it to get better control over the printing process than is possible with just FileMaker.

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                     To truly have complete control over printing in FileMaker you need to script the process at the operating system level or buy a plugin. For Mac that means calling bash commands that call  lp commands via calculated AppleScript. For Windows I assume this means vb scripting. It can be done. I've done it. I also posted the Mac code here some time ago. No takers so I removed it after a few weeks. I advise the plugin route.