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      FileMaker Pro



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      windows XP

      Description of the issue

      Printing was working well, then moved computer and printer to a different building.  When computer and printer were reconnected printing issues began.  It prints garbage.  Not readable.  It seems something got messed up but I can't figure out what since it's the same printer on the same computer.  Every other computer prints correctly to this printer.

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          Can you print from other applications on the computer that was moved to this computer?

          Are you printing from FileMaker using a script? (Do you click a button or some action other than selecting Print from the File menu?)

          If by script, can you print successfully by selecting print from the file menu?

          I'm guessing here that if scripted printing is not working, that you may need to open the script and re-specify the printer to be printed from. Perhaps the printer's name got changed during the move or something.

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            All other applications print correctly before and after the move.  I don't think we are printing using a script.  I just hit the print button an it prints.  My computer is the only that has this problem.

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              I don't think it is a printer issue as other computers can print from FMPro to this printer and it prints correctly.  I'm thinking something somehow got corrupted within the computer in the move. 

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                Hitting a print button is perfoming a script as there will be a script or at least a script step attached to that button.

                If the file is shared over your network and other computers can print successfully from this file, then there's an issue with the computer itself or perhaps which computer is specified as the default printer.

                Try this to rule out possible causes:

                Create a small test file on your computer. Try printing by selecting print from the File Menu. If that prints correctly, then you will need to examine the script or button setup to see exactly how it is set up to print for you.