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    Printing fields side by side in a portal



      Printing fields side by side in a portal


      FileMaker Pro


      FMPro 12 on Mac

      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.8.x

      Description of the issue

      I would like to have a layout which works like this

      In page header:
      Customername: x

      Tags for the customer (comes from a single field):
      tag1 tag2 tag3
      tag4 tag5

      Labels for the customer
      Label1 label2 label3

      AnotherTypeOfLabels for the customer
      Another1 Another 2 Another3
      Another4 another 5 Another6


      And when customer changes starts from above with that customer's data

      I have customer table, tag table, label table and another label table all with a relationship thru customer.

      All of the above are text fields...

      I have managed to do this only with single columns for a field, now I would like to use for example three columns for the field (like above)

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               Hannu Kokko:

               Thank you for your post.

               I'm having a little difficulty understanding your post.  If you place the single field on the layout, you should be able to view everything within that field.  How are your tags entered into the single field?  Are they all carriage returns?  Perhaps you can provide more information.

               If the tags are in related records, then set up individual portals for each tag entry.  That is, the first portal will display the first related record, the second partial displays the second related record, etc.

               Any other information you can provide will allow me to help you more.

               FileMaker, Inc.