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Printing FileMaker 9 IWP

Question asked by MediaSmith on Mar 6, 2009
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Printing FileMaker 9 IWP

Description of the issue

In order to get an IWP page to print properly (size wise) in Firefox, you need to do a Page Setup at 115%.  When you print a multipage document it will only print the first page.  This is not true in IE or Safari.  They both give you a multipage printout.  However, they are harder to setup.   I also posted this on the Firefox site.  They asked me to run Validate on the page.  It reported 7 errors!  Either FileMaker is not generating the right HTML markers or Firefox cannot interpret something that FileMaker is sending.  It needs to get fixed.  I had an interesting discussion about this with your support people and they saw the same thing.  I really don't want to be back 10 years where we had to test every browser to see if the page displayed properly - let alone printed properly!