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    Printing from a layout will crash Filemaker 12.0V2



      Printing from a layout will crash Filemaker 12.0V2


      FileMaker Pro


      12.0 V2

      Operating system version

      OS X 10.6.8 and 10.7 and Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      Printing more than one database record does make FM12 unresponsive. Printing does not start.
      This happens with several layouts. It happens on Windows and Mac. Tested with several printer brands and PDF output.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Can be reproduces on several computers. Occures always.


      Workaround see post below. So far: recreate all printing layouts from scratch will work.

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          Testing on multiple computers is a start, but there's more you can do to narrow the list of possible issues.

          Try printing to more than one printer.

          Try saving as a PDF

          Try preview mode.

          Create a small sample file completely from scratch and run the same tests to see if you get the same results.

          Such a crash might be due to problems with a specific file or even a specific layout in the file. It can be due to incompatibility with a specific printer driver (Konica Bizhubs have a history of such issues on Mac systems.)

          So these tests will help rule out some of those possibilities or identify the specific issue.

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            Thanks for your hints, PhilModJunk,

            I created a new layout in the existing database and added the fields from scratch (no copy paste from the old layout).

            Interestingly, from this layout I can print.

            So here are my testing details. It took me more than a day to "solve" this problem. And now several days to mess with new printer layouts.


            1. Converted a Filemaker 11 database to FM 12. Everything went smooth in the first place. As people wanted to print more than one record problems arised.

            a) Printing to several Printer brands not possible. Not possible under Mac and under Windows. Same issue.

            b) We have A LOT of printer layouts. Some of them cause the following error after upgrading to FM 12: Filemaker 12 gets unresponsive and will not show the printer progress window (counter window). Filemaker 12 "waits" for at least 5 minutes, then sometimes crashes, or nothing happens any more.


            2. Solution, so far:

            Recreat layouts FROM SCRATCH.


            So if you have a lot of printing layouts I suggest to make more than one print and test the solution carefully before going to production. One print always worked for us. But not, if you print more than one page.

            There must be some mess up in the internal guts of my layouts.

            I hope, Filemaker will fix this issue soon.

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              Given issues with multiple layouts that can be fixed by rebuilding the layout, try recovering a copy of your file to see if any problems with the file are detected. The problem may be that your file is damaged.

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                Just made some more test on your suggestions, thank yo PhilModJunk.

                First thing: FM 12v2 allows to print the layouts - when waiting for a minute or so until the Print Feedback Window appears.

                FM 12v1 always crashedon those layouts.

                Rebuilding the database: showed some (minor) issues. - But did not solve this issue. FMS check tells me, the databases should be OK.

                Office people are worried, when no feedback window appears for more than a minute. They tend to kill FM over the Apple menue, this is not good for the databases.