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    Printing from FileMaker - crashes FileMaker



      Printing from FileMaker - crashes FileMaker

      Description of the issue

      Dear TS All, I am encountering a printing problem. My system specs are as follows, files are hosted on FM Server 9 using Windows 2003 Server. I am using Vista with the latest bug fixes on my machine with 2GB of Ram. The printers I have noticed them happening on "so far" are the following - HP Laserjet P2014, HP Laserjet P1505, Ricoh MP161 PCL 5e. We have the latest drivers installed on all, and all other applications including Adobe Acobat, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, MS Outlook, Word Excel, Access etc print fine. When I connect the printer locally, i.e. not networked for the HP Laserjet P1505, the same database which is hosted on our server is absolutely stable - prints exactly as it should - so this leads me to believe that it is the way FileMaker sends data across to the network. Please let me know if you need anything else, or whether you would like me to do more tests. We have over 200 staff members using FM, and although they won't have had the chance to print from the new Vista upgrade I'm sure if the problem is big, my department is going to be inundated with support calls. I have taken the liberty to answer a few questions regarding the system, so I can get a "quicker" response.General:1.  Is there a benchmark for the printing crash i.e. every 5,10,15 or so print requests. FMPA9v3 crashes every time - the print goes through, so you actually get what you wanted but crashes the machine and says the following. FileMaker Pro Advanced has stopped working". On the larger network printer HP 5550, FileMaker, fileMaker refuses to print on this, and sends data to another printer in my office. 2.  Has FileMaker Pro 8.5v2 been tested under the same benchmark as FileMaker Pro 9? Yes, this does not crash spectacularly as 9. FMPA8.5v2 seems to Freeze, and then we have to quit the entire application to regain control of our application.3.  Are you running the FileMaker Pro 8.5v2 tests on the same 'problem' FileMaker Pro 9 machines?  Yes we are.Concerning Printers:1.  What is the printer driver version? Have they been updated recently? If they are proprietary, does the crashing still occur with generic PCL drivers? These are the most recent drivers, host based drivers http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareList?os=2093&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=3435668&lang=en .2.  How many printers will cause the crashing? So far we've had three people with the issues with different printers.HP Laserjet P2014, Laserjet P1505 and Ricoh MP161 PCL 5e.3.  What is the character length of the printer name? HP Laserjet P1505 (that makes it 17 characters) Concerning the Database:1.  Will a brand new test database create a crash? Yes - I tried the Asset Management database with three records2.  Is printing being done through a script?  If so, does File > Print give the same behavior? No I was using the File->Print method of printing.

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          Hi Jalz,

          Thanks for posting!  Also, nice job of pre-empting the tsturtle tech support shakedown with that great list of the behavior and testing for your issue :smileyvery-happy:


          To start, does any machine have success printing to those three printers aside from the three 'problem' users?  When you attached the printer locally, was it attached to the server or to one of the problem users?  If not, I'd be interested to see if that printer will print fine attached to a 'problem' machine.  Also, has the user un/re-installed the FileMaker software on their machine?  Can the 'problem' user print to a 'problem' printer if they are printing from their own database (not printing by a server-hosted database)?


          Can a 'problem' user print to another printer without issue?  If so, try switching a 'working' printer to the 'problem' printer's location.  This can help rule out any potential network issues that  may be involved.


          Also, try using the generic PCL version of the printer.  While it may print in some cases, it will be good to rule out an issues with the proprietary driver.


          I'm apologize that in most cases, printing issues are not a 'flip of the switch' resolution and you will have to do more testing.  Let me know how it works out!

          Thanks Again!


          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Hi ts_turtle,


            I'm keen to get this resolved in a patch or a future version whenever that may be as it is causing a major headache here.


            The printer when installed locally on one of the problem machine seems to work fine and allows the user to print from it as normal. When the printer is then shared, so another machine can print from it, the 'second' users machine always crashes when you go to file->print. The user does get a printout, but at the cost of FileMaker Pro 9 crashing. I have checked the printer name length, it is at present 17 characters - although I find the 30 characters limit on FM to be a pain! I have tried this in two Vista based machines, exactly the same behaviour is happening on both. If I unplug the printer from my colleagues machine and back into mine, than my machine becomes rock stable and my colleagues machine crashes on every print. It seems that FileMaker is having stability issues with networked printers......


            Another unusual thing with FileMaker that is happening is - We HP5550 PCL printer on the network. When

              we try and send data to that printer from FM, it always prints on another printer, usually our default printer....


            Our C# developer has been helping me test this and says FileMaker seems to ignore the WM_SETTINGS change for printing. We will be installing a debugger on my machine and try and trace at what stage FileMaker 9 is bombing out.





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              Im not quite sure that KB article 6335 has been properly addressed, as we are still encountering the same bug in FileMaker Pro 9v3 (and Advanced).


              To add to testing, we have found that FileMaker does NOT crash using the setup which crash's when printing fields,the relationship diagram and scripts from scriptmaker. I added a brand new layout with no fields to my hosted file and it crashed....Are you using a different printing methods?


              I can't find PCL drivers for this printer, I dont think the new HP printers come with it anymore.





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                Thanks for all of your testing up to this point; I know it can be frustrating.


                I wanted to verify: when FileMaker crashes, do you get a 'Send Error Report' message?  If so, recreate the issue, click Send Error Report, and we should be able to pick up that report and hopefully get some insight into the cause of the issue.


                Also, would you be able to send me your Application Log?  I have pm'ed you my email address.

                Again, I apologize I cannot offer an immediate answer but hopefully these logs will help us pinpoint the issue.




                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  I have been having many problems trying to print databases from FMP 8.5 and 9.3 with a Laserjet P1006 and P1505 from my Mac running Leopard. HP adviced to manually remove all drivers and re- install, this didn,t solve the problem the database crashed and was corrupted. Sometimes it works by using keyboard commands rather than the mouse.

                  I think this started happening after I installed an OSX security update.

                  I can print from other applications without problem.

                  I think this problem should be patched.

                  Is there anybody there? 

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                    Hi guessmaster, is you printer shared?


                    At our office after doing loads of tests, different layouts applications etc we've come to the conclusion its a FileMaker bug, we dont think its a HP bug as every single other application works fine with this printer in its current state of installation.

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                      Hi Jalz,

                      The P1505 is on a wireless network, the P1006 is USB direct. I agree I think is an FMP bug that could easily be sorted. We hope FM listens to us. 

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                        I am also having printing problems. For about three months now I have not been able to print anything from FileMaker 9.3.


                        I am using a MacBook Pro @ 10.5.5. I think the problems started around 10.5.3. I am trying to print to my Epson Photo Stylus 900. The printer is USB through an AirPort. FileMaker crashes whether I send a print job or save as a PDF.


                        I am using the latest Epson printer driver I could find.


                        I tried selecting a different printer tonight. FMP still crashed.

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                          Thank you for your post.


                          I'm personally using an iMac running OS 10.5.5, and I'm able to print using the Apple driver without a problem.


                          I do not have access to an Epson printer, so I cannot check out the Epson driver.


                          Do you have access to a printer supported by the Apple print driver?  If so, does it work?


                          When printing to PDF, we have identified a couple of problems, and they are documented in our Knowledge Base (which is also on our web site) as article 6463.  I have included the link and the contents of the article below.




                          Saving records as a PDF using the script step or via the File menu option crashes FileMaker Pro on Mac OS X.

                          We have identified 3 possible workarounds to this issue:

                          1. It is possible that your Adobe Acrobat Reader preference file is corrupted. Remove the preference file for Adobe Acrobat Reader in the user library folder.  The following is anexample of the location of the preference file: 

                            Users/ [user profile]/Library/Preferences/Acrobat Reader 5 Prefs.plist 
                          2. It is possible that you may have a corrupt user account. Creating a new user account may resolve the issue.
                          3. Remove the AdobeFnt08.lst file.  This is located in the following directory: 

                            Home > Library > Application Support > Adobe > TypeSpt > AdobeFnt.lst
                          Please continue to keep me posted.
                          FileMaker, Inc. 
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                            I run 3 Intel Mac book pros and a G5 desktop running Leopard latest version and FM Pro advanced 9.3 and FM Pro 9.3 and FM Pro 8.5. I print with Laserjet P1006, P1505 Epson 1920 and R2400.

                            The problem appears in all computers when I use the Laserjets to print from all versions of FM Pro. I am able to print to the Epson printers and I am able to print to the Laserjets from any other application.

                            I think the problem started after installing a OSX security update when trying to print stopped the printing and on further attempts gave me a message of  "client error".

                            Now things are worse, on the print window a beach ball appears and FM Pro crashes and it has corrupted the database twice.

                            I really don't want to change the printers.

                            Please help.

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                              The printer I am using is HP LaserJet 4050N.  The other printers I have used include DYMO Label Printer (with its own driver), HP Color LaserJet 4600 dn and HP DeskJet 6980.  There are other printers in the company that I have not tried.  I have not experienced a "client error" nor been unable to print for any reason.  I know that doesn't help you, but I wanted to confirm that using the LaserJet printers should be fine, and you shouldn't have to change printers.


                              From your message, it appears that you were able to print successfully prior to installing the OSX security update.  Is that true?  I'm all up-to-date with my security updates, so I'm not certain this is the conflict.  Was anything else installed around the same time?  I'm obviously fishing for information hoping I'll catch a clue.  Anything else you can provide may help determine the cause(s).



                              FileMaker, Inc. 

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                                I think this is a bug on the P1000 series. I can print to other HP and Epson printers without problem.

                                The bug is reproducible on other Macs.

                                The only workaround is to use keyboard commands to print rather than the mouse. I learned this from another affected user in another forum. 

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                                  Hi guessmaster,


                                  This problem is not specific to a particular printer as I have tested it out on these printers and FileMaker also crashes on these (I believe they use different drivers to P1006 and P1505 )


                                  HP Laserjet P2014 and Ricoh MP161 PCL 5e.


                                  Our .net development team insist it is a FileMaker bug as we have loads of different apps on our network from different vendors and none of them crash whilst printing to any of the printers mentioned above. I've been told by them, FM seems to ignore the WM_SETTING change (that doesn't really mean anything to me).


                                  When I try to print to the HP Laserjet 5505N, FM ignores this request and sends the printout to the local printer which crashes the machine......There is a KB article on this if you search "FileMaker Will Only Print To Your Default Printer" Answer 6335. It says this has been fixed in v9, clearly it hasn't as we're still encountering it! This article was created in March 2007 (20 months ago....) come on FileMaker get your finger out and sort it!

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                                    Thank you Jalz. Is good to know that I am not a lonely voice. I suppose it should be easy to fix if it is a recognised bug, the question is how long before is fixed. It affects my work enormously when you have a client waiting for a form while you fiddle with the computer.

                                    For the second time I hope FMP is listening. 

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