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Printing from FileMaker - crashes FileMaker

Question asked by oakhamschool on Oct 20, 2008
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Printing from FileMaker - crashes FileMaker

Description of the issue

Dear TS All, I am encountering a printing problem. My system specs are as follows, files are hosted on FM Server 9 using Windows 2003 Server. I am using Vista with the latest bug fixes on my machine with 2GB of Ram. The printers I have noticed them happening on "so far" are the following - HP Laserjet P2014, HP Laserjet P1505, Ricoh MP161 PCL 5e. We have the latest drivers installed on all, and all other applications including Adobe Acobat, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, MS Outlook, Word Excel, Access etc print fine. When I connect the printer locally, i.e. not networked for the HP Laserjet P1505, the same database which is hosted on our server is absolutely stable - prints exactly as it should - so this leads me to believe that it is the way FileMaker sends data across to the network. Please let me know if you need anything else, or whether you would like me to do more tests. We have over 200 staff members using FM, and although they won't have had the chance to print from the new Vista upgrade I'm sure if the problem is big, my department is going to be inundated with support calls. I have taken the liberty to answer a few questions regarding the system, so I can get a "quicker" response.General:1.  Is there a benchmark for the printing crash i.e. every 5,10,15 or so print requests. FMPA9v3 crashes every time - the print goes through, so you actually get what you wanted but crashes the machine and says the following. FileMaker Pro Advanced has stopped working". On the larger network printer HP 5550, FileMaker, fileMaker refuses to print on this, and sends data to another printer in my office. 2.  Has FileMaker Pro 8.5v2 been tested under the same benchmark as FileMaker Pro 9? Yes, this does not crash spectacularly as 9. FMPA8.5v2 seems to Freeze, and then we have to quit the entire application to regain control of our application.3.  Are you running the FileMaker Pro 8.5v2 tests on the same 'problem' FileMaker Pro 9 machines?  Yes we are.Concerning Printers:1.  What is the printer driver version? Have they been updated recently? If they are proprietary, does the crashing still occur with generic PCL drivers? These are the most recent drivers, host based drivers .2.  How many printers will cause the crashing? So far we've had three people with the issues with different printers.HP Laserjet P2014, Laserjet P1505 and Ricoh MP161 PCL 5e.3.  What is the character length of the printer name? HP Laserjet P1505 (that makes it 17 characters) Concerning the Database:1.  Will a brand new test database create a crash? Yes - I tried the Asset Management database with three records2.  Is printing being done through a script?  If so, does File > Print give the same behavior? No I was using the File->Print method of printing.