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Printing gives 'the printer is not connected to a port' error

Question asked by Sorbsbuster on Feb 13, 2013


Printing gives 'the printer is not connected to a port' error


FileMaker Pro


FMP 11

Operating system version

Windows 7 64-Bit

Description of the issue

When trying to print, an error immediately occurs: 'the printer is not connected to a port.  Use Control Panel to configure the port' (my wording may not be exactly accurate).  Using Control Panel does not solve the problem.  The printers all report as working correctly, and do work correctly for all other applications.

It happens on two sites, both running Windows 7.  The PC affected is the one acting as the FM Client Host for a small network.  It may affect the clients, but I have not had that reported.  Different makes of PC, different printer manufacturers.  It happens every few months.

Filemaker will not print to any printer, including 'virtual' printers like doPDF.  Every other application will print OK.

Stopping and restarting the Bonjour Service makes no difference, nor does starting and stopping the Print Spooler Ssrvice.

The only solution that works is to restart the Host computer.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It is intermittent, but 'consistent' in the sense that it is on two sites, and returns every few months (over 3 years).  I cannot find any connecting scenario to reproduce it on demand; however others in the forum have reported the same problem.  I accept that both systems are running 64-bit OS.

Expected result

To print normally.

Actual result

Error message that 'the printer is not connected to a port'.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Sorry: I will try and capture it next time.  It looks like the same problem as this:


Restart the hosting PC.