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Printing import script

Question asked by LaRetta_1 on Sep 17, 2010
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Printing import script


FileMaker Pro


All versions

Operating system version

Windows XP SP2

Description of the issue

When documenting a migration, we print our scripts.  Those with import, show as:

Source field 1 import to Customers::Fname
Source field 2 import to Customers::Lname

I realize FM uses this internal ID when mapping (which breaks anyway as you know) but this 'source field' is meaningless to us humans.

Steps to reproduce the problem

We need the ability to print scripts and what shows in the import map is the table::field on BOTH sides (at least when known such as from other FM files/tables).


What we currently need to do is use screen capture (such as SnagIt).  However, since the list of fields might be quite long, we have to take several captures and 'paste' them together in a final document as additional attachment.

When a script is printed or saved as PDF etc, it should show the true map and not FM's internal map. 

The entire import process needs to be rewritten - it has several breaks (spontaneous mapping of fields not specified in the script, no saving specified maps when leaving the dialog, inability to de-select all auto-mapped fields at once, ability to sort either side etc).