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Printing issue

Question asked by swordfish_1 on Dec 15, 2009
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Printing issue

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I am running Filemaker pro 9.3 on a Windows XP computer. I added an HP P1505 LaserJet Printer along with a HP 7660 Ink Jet...I made the 1505 the default printer and whenever I print a file from Filemaker on the Laser Jet, I get a message that says an error has occurred and FileMaker must shut down. It then prints the file and asks if I want to send the message to Microsoft. I say yes or no and then Filemaker shuts down. It prints fine on the ink jet. I contacted customer service and they told me that it is a Filemaker Pro problem, but I have to pay extra to find out how to fix it, even though I paid several humndred for this upgrade!!!   BOO, FileMaker   Bad dog!!