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    Printing issue



      Printing issue

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      I am running Filemaker pro 9.3 on a Windows XP computer. I added an HP P1505 LaserJet Printer along with a HP 7660 Ink Jet...I made the 1505 the default printer and whenever I print a file from Filemaker on the Laser Jet, I get a message that says an error has occurred and FileMaker must shut down. It then prints the file and asks if I want to send the message to Microsoft. I say yes or no and then Filemaker shuts down. It prints fine on the ink jet. I contacted customer service and they told me that it is a Filemaker Pro problem, but I have to pay extra to find out how to fix it, even though I paid several humndred for this upgrade!!!   BOO, FileMaker   Bad dog!!

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          Yes, a problem was found with the HP P1006 and HP P1505 print drivers.  Printing to these printers works properly the first time, but subsequent times, FileMaker Pro quits.  The workaround in FileMaker Pro 9 was to not use the mouse, or move the mouse over the print dialog box.  Instead, use the tab key to move between the different print options.


          This was changed in FileMaker Pro 10.



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