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    Printing issue with portals



      Printing issue with portals


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      Description of the issue

      Data from portal is printing on a duplexed layout even though the the portal does not override the page break.  The data does NOT show up in the browse mode...only when I print or make a PDF the layout.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      I am working on a layout that is to be printed horizontally and duplexed.  The first page of the layout has 2 portals in it -- the first one prints initial rows 1 -5 on the left side and the second one prints rows 6 - 10 on the right side. At first there were fields that were printing on the second page that were clearly above the page break.  I realized this was fixable in an upgrade in 11.0v3 that I needed to do, so that solved that issue.  However, the first 1/4 inch of the second PORTAL is now showing up on the second page even though it does not go over the page break line.  The version 3 upgrade does not address issues with the PORTAL going over the page breaks. The upgrade only address FIELDs going over page breaks.

      Expected result

      Nothing from the portal should be on the second page.

      Actual result

      The first quarter inch of the data in the portal on the right side of the first layout page shows up on the left side of the second layout page.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear





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          What do you get if you do not specify duplex printing? (Other posts suggest that duplex printing with FileMaker might be an issue...)

          What do you get if you specify save as PDF instead of printing this layout?

          Can you confirm that you get this issue when you print by selecting Print from the File menu? (Rules out script issues if true.)

          Am I correct that this layout does not have a header part?

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            If I print both pages without duplexing, I still get the portal on page 2. However, if I just print page 2 directly to my Ricoh printer, or if I make a PDF file of only page 2, the portal info goes away.

            Issue comes from Print from File menu and not a script. 

            No header on the layout. 


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              But if you save as PDF and do not specify a page, do you get the same result?

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                 Yes, that is correct. 

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                  Do you have another printer that you can use just for testing purposes? That might indicate whether the issue might be specific to a given printer driver or whether this happens no matter what printer driver is selected.

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                     My only other option for printing duplex is to another Ricoh printer (an older model) and that does the same thing. 

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                      Yes, but try another printer even if it is not capable of Duplex printing as you indicated that even with duplex printing not selected you still had this issue. this isn't a suggestion for working around the problem but rather a way to report more info on this issue.

                      You might also upload a copy of this file (don't include any sensitive info in it) to a file share site so others who do have other printer options can examine the file and see what happens with their set up.

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                         Still get the same problem when printing to an HP4250.  (Not duplexed)

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                           Found a workaround:  I reversed the layout so the portal is now page 2 instead of page 1.  That works!  It is not ideal because the data entry person needs to scroll down to see the layout before she prints it, but at least it works!  And, oddly enough, my previous layout was printing 3 pages even though there were only two and now that I reversed the layout I only get the 2 pages. 

                          I still think there is an issue with the portal since all I did was group my layouts and flip them. 

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                            I wonder what would happen if you resized that portal to be just a few pixels shorter....

                            If you check the size of the two portals, are they exactly the same number of pixels in height and positioned at exactly the same vertical position on this layout? (Check the position boxes in the Inspector.)

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                               I tried that with going from 544 px to 519 px and still got the same results.  Portal sizes are exactly the same. 

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                                Thank you for your posts, and I apologize for the late reply.

                                Looking at your screen shot, it looks like you have a Header.  If so, it appears the portal may be touching the Header part, which would mean it would become part of the Header.  If you are viewing in Form View (and not List View), you should be able to see the data in the portal.  Reducing the size of the portal will only work if you also move the portal downwards into the Body part.

                                What other parts do you have on your layout besides Body?

                                I realize nearly three months have passed, so if you have found the cause or found a resolution, please post here so others can benefit.

                                FileMaker, Inc.

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                                  Once I got it to work by flipping the layout (see my October 27 post), I did not do anything else.  I had tried shrinking the portal to make sure it did not overlay in the Header, but that did not work either.  Since it is working fine now, I really don't want to mess with it.  Attached is what the new layout looks like.