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    printing issue.



      printing issue.


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      Since upgrading to OSX 10.8, I am no longer able to print multiple labels from records being browsed. It will only print one label - the current label showing.

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          Hi Jerry. I can't reproduce this problem on my FileMaker Pro 10.0v3 under Mac OS X 10.8.3. Just to be sure : 1. Are theses labels appearing on the window in Preview mode ? 2. In the print dialog box, is the print option "Record being browsed" checked ? (See screenshot) Fred
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                 Thank you for responding. Yes preview mode does show all of the labels and I do print with "records being browsed."  I only get 1 record when I print either to paper or to PDF.  I have done this for years but the problem only occrred recently when I upgraded to 10.8


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                   Jerry, it is maybe not relevant but if i were in your place, i would try the update to 10.0v3. Fred.

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                     Fred, thanks for the suggestion. However, it didn't solve the problem. I noticed the same problem on my wife's computer who runs Filemaker 12 with OSX 10.8. Very strange.

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                  Markus Schneider
                   FM11 works fine, but FM10 under 10.8.3 will only print the current record. Can one kind soul from FMI confirm this? (tested by myself, also several posts in other forums) markus
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                    Hi all. Few words TO APOLOGIZE and finally confirm that i could reproduce this bug on my system and bring some complements : In fact, it is effectively the Option "Record being browsed" that fails. This option is no more considered on Mac OS 10.8 with FM10. For instance, if you open your file with FM11 and you print with the option on "Current Record" and then you open the file with FM10, it will always print the current record, undepending the option checked. The contrary is true, too : if you open the same file with FM11 and your set the option on "Record being browsed" you will be able to print the found set on FM10 but NOT to print only one record anymore... Gosh. After hours, no workaround founded. The only way i found to print the records was to use the SAVE RECORD AS PDF menu command/toolbar or script step, that is not affected by the problem. But it is not a workaround... Good Luck Jerry sad. Fred.

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                           markus schneider:

                           Thank you for the post.


                           This was previously reported by other user's here:


                      printing "Records being browsed" no longer works


                           FileMaker 10 and earlier versions of FileMaker have not been tested or certified with Mac OS X Mountain Lion.  These products were developed and released before Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion became available.

                           While these earlier versions may install and run on Mac OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion, you may encounter installation and stability issues for which there is no resolution. We strongly recommend you use current FileMaker software.

                           The full knowledge base article Answer ID: 11007 can be found at the following url:


                           At the time of this post, the full 30-day trial of FileMaker Pro 11 and FileMaker Pro 12 are available for download here:


                      FileMaker Pro 12 - 30-day trial


                      FileMaker Pro 11 - 30-day trial


                           I don't wish to speculate on the particular setup of your environment, but in most cases a good starting point would be testing with the most up to date version of either FileMaker Pro 11.0v3 or FileMaker Pro 12.0v3. Please let us know the results of your testing, as that information will help others seeking similar answers. 


                           Click the last hyperlink to see additional information on versions tested to be compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.



                           FileMaker, Inc.

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                             This is a further clarification of the problem.  I have many data bases and many more form views that show mutliple records.  I have tested them all using10.0v3 on OSX 10.8.  I have found that when printing, it does not matter whether you select "records being browsed" or "current record".  Some of the form views print only "records being browsed" while others print only "current record".  To print one record, I just have to select that record in the found set. I have not figured out a way to print records being browsed when the form only wants to print a current record.

                             My wife runs 12.0v3 on OSX 10.8 and the data bases I have checked all seem to work properly. I quess I will be forced to upgrade at a cost of $149 to solve this problem

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                          Markus Schneider
                           TSFalcon: I'm running FM12 and FM11 - It's not a problem for me, but some customers out there do have it. On 10.8.2, printing seems to be normal, but under 10.8.3, FM10 won't print a expected. It would be nice to know what has changed to keep those customers informed... and one more time: Can one kind soul do something with this forum-software: NO paragraphs when on an iPad..
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                                 markus schneider:

                                 Thank you for the reply.


                                 The information Apple released to the public about 10.8.3 is located in Apple's Knowledge Base article HT5612 here:




                                 I have no additional information beyond what Apple makes public. 


                                 Our forum is hosted by Oracle RightNow as displayed in the bottom right corner of every forum page.  The inability to enter a carriage return when posting on an iOS device has been previously reported. No other information is available at this time.



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                              Markus Schneider
                               well... we have still some V10 customers (customers bought the licencies by themselfes). They'll blame us or FileMaker if something happens like this. On the Apple site (concerning the update) is absolutely nothing to read about changes in the way an app will talk to printing software. I understand very well that FM10 is about 4-5 years old and FMI can not support a version over years and years. But as said: Customers don't care, often they just know that they are using FileMaker, not what specific version they are running (maybe the IT knows, but not the user). And concerning RightNow: This is a FILEMAKER site, NOT an oracle one... thats why I don't care. I have to take it in a way that FMI doesn't care about the iPad - it's a very very long time that this site has problems. Anyway... smile!