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Printing multiple pages

Question asked by ChrisEllis on Apr 16, 2013
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Printing multiple pages


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS 10.8.3

Description of the issue

I have upgraded to FM 12 pro and then to version 12.03. I am running a Mac on OS 10.8.3
We are using a database connected to an invoice / job sheet system. We have been using the same set ups for almost 20 years and upgrading FM whenever necessary. Apart from, a few years ago, adding another page to the invoice set there has been a minimum amount of changes. We have had to revert to FM 10 as a workround.
When we upgraded to FM12 we immediately experienced a problem in that the invoice set, which consists of seven pages, printed seven copies of page one and none of the rest. We have tried many combinations of print set ups to no avail. We contacted the FM team, in December 2012, and explained the problem. We were told they were aware of it along with a few others and were working to resolve it. I have spoken, twice, to the FM dealer in the UK who’s take seems to be that FM can be used in such a variety of ways it is almost impossible to solve. I find that astonishing. I have spent thousands on FM over the years, including it’s latest version, and now I am being forced into looking at other software solutions in an attempt to resolve what is, after all said and done, their problem.  I have trawled the forums looking for someone else who has come across the same problem and mine would appear to be unique. Nor should I have to spend hours of my time trying to resolve somebody elses problems. Is there anyone out there with a similar problem or can suggest a solution?