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Printing only first page of multi-page report

Question asked by khubbard on Feb 4, 2009
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Printing only first page of multi-page report

Description of the issue

I am trying to print a 6 page report and I am only getting 6 copies of the first page of the report. I am using a Mac. My print commands are set to print 1 copy of all pages of the current record. I just upgraded to FMP 10 and others in my company's network are still using FMP 9. I'm not sure if that is the issue or if something else went wrong, but that is all that has changed since the last batch of reports were printed successfully. Thinking it was a FMP 10 issue, I tried printing from other computers in the company that are still using FMP 9 and I am still having the same issue. Like I said, we have never had this problem before when all of the computers were running FMP 9 o previous versions. Do I need to install FMP 10 on all of the computers before it will print correctly? I have fiddled around with settings related to printing and am still getting the same thing. PLEASE help! I need to print reports often and soon and I need to figure out what the problem is right away!